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About Smart Home

Smart homes offer various new services and innumerable capabilities in automation. The adaptive and assertive capabilities of smart homes are life changing

The smart homes are now evolving to a new dimension called Smart cities. The smart homes may be limited to one home or maybe two or many to form a new dimension.

Smart home technology is a collective term for information- and communication technology (ICT) as used in houses, where the various components are communicating via a local network. The technology can be used to monitor, warn and carry out functions according to selected criteria. Smart home technology also makes the automatic communication with the surroundings possible, via the Internet, ordinary fixed telephones or mobile phones.



Smart home technology gives a totally different flexibility and functionality than does conventional installations and environmental control systems, because of the programming, the integration and the units reacting on messages submitted through the network. The illumination may for example be controlled automatically, or lamps can be lit as other things happens in the house.

Smart home

Smart homes is the term for houses with smart home technology installed. Good physical access is a prerequisite for the optimal utilisation of the technology. The Norwegian State Housing Bank has developed requirements to accessibility as the basis for their funding of building projects. The requirements, called lifespan standards, represent a basic standard for physical accessibility

Smart home is a wide topic. It is not a single entity but a combination of many. According to yi-jen pai in her book“a smart home is not smart how well it has been built nor because it is environmentally friendly, using solar power and recycling waste water, as per her opinion “A smart home may and indeed often does, include these things, but what makes it smart is the interactive technologies that it contains. The use of technology can be different and many type of home can be built with future that may differ from the others.

smart house

A smart home that has the features of Smart Home but hold a fixed internal design is associated to fixed architecture. For example the type of home that can automatically control lightings, temperature, refrigerators, TVs, music , microwave and may other things which are interlinked together and can be operated remotely.