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Our Services

With technological advances in voice control and artificial intelligence, the intelligent assistant is now a viable control center for the connected home.

We can provide

At Smart Home we believe that the smart home is the future and we want to help make that a reality now. Taking advantage of the latest home automation technology across multiple platforms and converging them together for ease of use while removing the stress of competing standards (i.e. google, apple, amazon, et cetera).

  1. Home Automation Consultation
  2. Smart Automated Lighting
  3. Water/leak, Smoke & CO, Door/Window notifications
  4. Lock and garage/gate control
  5. Whole-Home audio with Sonos
  6. Online camera and video doorbell monitoring
  7. Online Stream Service (by HDFY)
  8. Local Camera monitoring and DVR System
  9. Smart Thermostat
  10. Home IP Networking (Firewall, Switch, Whole-Home Wireless)